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The Names of 1999: Timeless?

Tonight were gonna name like it's ... Yep. 1999. We've lost hours in deep data dives, and to think two years ago when we first fell in love with naming, we didn't even know the website existed.  The  SSA data  is so interesting to search and sort and analyze and of course predict.  It seems like every week we see ten new instagram accounts, claiming to be just another "in love with names." We've noticed that just like us, people are simply obsessed with all things names. Why? The interest is timeless. While the drive to create content has faded a bit for us, our passion for the subject has not. Not only do we still find new names every single day, there is always a new naming trend, an audience question to ponder or a naming challenge to embark on. It had been weeks since I (Mom) had logged into Pinterest and upon doing so literally came across four names I'd never ever (ever-ever) heard. It sparked in me a renewed feeling of excitement. This "hob