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Still Trending: Statement Names

Brave. Rogue. Promise.... Danger? These new wave baby names are bold, ambitious and definitely make a statement. Just when we think we've heard it all, we come across a name announcement, and notice a name we'd not thought of or seen before. A Bold New Wave of Baby Names! The trend we are noticing we'll call "statement names." Some are adjectives, like a call to action or a philosophy for baby to live by. A mantra, perhaps. Others are virtuous, parents-to-be gifting their child a moniker of positivity. Another noticing in this new wave of naming is the repeated reference to light. Call to Action Names  Rise  Dream Gravity Coast Rush Journey Riot Vigor Rogue Danger Rebellion Chosen Prophecy Brave Titan Rock Reverie Forever Nirvana Vice Virtuous Names Soul Truth Love Honor Justice Worth Zen Noble Promise Peace Patience Glory Names of Light Golden  Blaze Glow Lux Shadow Sol Beacon