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Classic - Fresh - Smush

What's Up Namers? It's been a bit.... We still LOVE naming! However you found your way here, THANK YOU for clicking and showing a little love. You just might be a "namer" like us. In our first year of naming, one fun post challenge going around that we participated in was Popular, Unique & Daring Baby Names . In that spirit we've compiled a collection we'd like to call "Classic, Fresh - Smush." In this list we've paired a classic baby name with a rising, newer to us name and then tried to mix the two into a "smush" - putting parts of the two names together, creating something new(ish).  Since the 2019 data came out while this post was just a draft, we decided to use a few of the fastest rising names on both the boy's and girl's lists in the "fresh" category.  Classic ~ Fresh ~ Smush Anna ~ Navy ~ Navanna Thomas ~ Amias ~ Rhomias Benjamin  ~ Archie ~ Archin Sophia ~ Salem ~ Saphia Elijah ~ Baker ~ Bajah James ~ Jens