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Boozy Baby Names: Cheers to Some Spirited Choices

  With craft beers, whisky flights and rosé all the rage these days, we (well Mom) had to wonder... are there any boozy baby names that could actually work?  The Pie was  not  in on this post (she's 13). I started thinking about the idea of liquor inspired names as I pondered the popularity of Porter. It's a boy's name on the rise, and I just kept seeing and hearing it  everywhere  and wondered, why? The connection I kept making was to Porter, a style of beer. That might just be my background in the bar biz, as the name actually originates from an English and Scottish surname, it's an occupational name meaning "gatekeeper" or "doorkeeper." In other languages Porter translates to a person who carries the load, or transfers objects for others. Porter beer was developed in London and is a dark variety from brown malt. It's name derived from the popularity it had with Porters. In fact, I found that the story of Stout and Porter comes from the fact th

Embracing Virtue and Trend: The Rise of Socially Inspired Baby Names

Choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy is a momentous task that requires careful consideration. While some parents opt for traditional names passed down through generations, others seek unique and meaningful monikers that reflect the values they hold dear.  In recent years, a fascinating trend has emerged, blending virtue, gender neutrality, and socially inspired elements to create a new wave of trendy and impactful names. Let's explore the exciting world of baby names that make a powerful statement and radiate positivity. Gender-Neutral Names with Impact In today's world, gender neutrality is gaining momentum, breaking free from traditional norms and allowing children to define their own identities. Names like Legend and Rise are prime examples of this movement. They transcend traditional gender boundaries and empower children to become the heroes of their own stories. These names are both bold and inspirational, symbolizing strength, resilience, and a determinatio

The Y Factor: Unraveling the Trend

The world of baby names is constantly evolving, with parents seeking fresh and distinctive options for their little ones. One intriguing trend that has gained momentum in recent times is the use of the letter "y" in place of other vowels to create unique and modern-sounding names.  Let's explore why the "y" and examine how some names, like "Bostyn," appear more feminine but may be perceived as misspelled. We'll also discuss the impact of "y" in traditionally gender neutral names when given to baby girls. Why the "y" in #namingbaby? The letter "y" offers a versatile and trendy option for parents looking to give their child a distinct and modern name. By replacing traditional vowels, such as "i" or "e," with "y," parents create names that stand out and often have a more contemporary and appealing feel. The "y" also adds a touch of individuality, making these names unique to each ch