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Are we still YouTubers if we don't appear in our videos? This was just one of the thoughts that crossed my mind as we figured out how to set up our youtube channel.  We are total youtube rookies. Things we googled: "Is iMovie good enough for YouYube?" and "What is an SEO?" Yes. it's true. We had no idea what SEO stood for. We had A LOT to learn. At one point The Pie made a really good point, being an avid YouTube watcher herself, she said, "videos don't get found, they get lost." Encouraging, right? Did you know that 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute? No biggie. But we were just so excited to be creating! We were bursting with ideas and just wanted to get it all out there. We had lists upon lists. Lists of names, lists of video ideas, a giant to-do list and a list of a million questions. Here are a few of the questions we tried to figure out the answer to, and some of what we found helpful. How do you design ch

Popular ~ Unique ~ Daring

Alternatives to the top baby names are all the rage. Coming up with unique twists to the traditional favorites has namers swooning over new possibilities. Inspired by this YouTube video from the lovely SJ Strum , who does a baby name video every Monday, we take a look at some baby name alts. SJ took popular baby names and gave some unique and daring alternatives: The idea inspired many in the naming community and soon we were seeing it all over instagram done by popular namers like @monikermaven , who posted this in early May: The  Top Baby Names of 2017  was followed by countless articles, tweets and YouTube videos breaking down the data. Liam ousted Noah for the top spot on the boy's list while Emma held on to number one on the girly side. New to the naming community, we were simply excited to explore the SSA database and search tools. We didn't even know this website existed during the first few months of our naming adventure! Now we share our ideas for a Popula

Our Inspiration

We are obsessed. We've spent every free minute of the last four months on Mom and the Pie. We learned how to set up a youtube channel because Sunny Lenarduzzi is the best! We discovered tools for creation like Canva (amazing) and when we felt like we had NO IDEA what we were doing, we'd get a lovely reply to our comment from a fabulous namer like SJ Strum . We are finding inspiration in so many places. #Babynames on Pinterest? Don't even get us started! We created 30 Unique Names for Girls by collecting names that were new to us. There are at least 20 namers on instagram, including namespottings , who frequently has us laughing out loud. Did you know Baby Name Monday was a thing? You’re welcome. You don't have to be expecting to enjoy a weekly themed video such as Earthy Baby Names, Unisex Baby Names or Baby Names Inspired by Color every Monday from a variety of enjoyable youtubers. In the time since we started Mom and the Pie the SSA released their Top Baby


Mom was relaxing on the couch one night and the Pie was watching youtube videos. She came across "Baby Names I Love But..." and we laughed hysterically as a sweet gal shared her list of baby names she would not be giving her little one. The next video, suggested of course, featured another youtuber sharing her top ten baby names. She went on about imagining a little so and so... and "couldn't you just see a blah blah coming up the stairs?" We were hooked. Mom thought..... why would anyone want to watch these? Then proceeded to view at least eight more. One that really held our attention was a young woman who started her video with, "I'm just going to say names. See how they make you feel." This one stuck. We don't study the history of names. We don't research the meaning of names. We simply enjoy the way a name makes us feel. We are learning how to be techie! (it can make your head spin) We've started a youtube channel , an inst