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Boozy Baby Names: Cheers to Some Spirited Choices


With craft beers, whisky flights and rosé all the rage these days, we (well Mom) had to wonder... are there any boozy baby names that could actually work? 

The Pie was not in on this post (she's 13). I started thinking about the idea of liquor inspired names as I pondered the popularity of Porter. It's a boy's name on the rise, and I just kept seeing and hearing it everywhere and wondered, why?

The connection I kept making was to Porter, a style of beer. That might just be my background in the bar biz, as the name actually originates from an English and Scottish surname, it's an occupational name meaning "gatekeeper" or "doorkeeper." In other languages Porter translates to a person who carries the load, or transfers objects for others.

Porter beer was developed in London and is a dark variety from brown malt. It's name derived from the popularity it had with Porters. In fact, I found that the story of Stout and Porter comes from the fact that strong Porters (carriers) were called "Stout Porters." 

Porter as a popular baby boy name had me thinking, what other boozy baby names could actually work?

Introducing "Boozy Baby Names" – a fascinating collection of names inspired by liquors, beers, brands, and varietals. 

Raise a virtual toast to these delicious choices!

1. Brandy: A classic name that exudes sophistication and elegance, just like the spirit itself. Brandy can be used for both boys and girls, making it a versatile choice.

2. Bailey: A name inspired by the ever-popular Irish cream liqueur, Bailey is gaining popularity as a unisex name with a touch of charm.

3. Beaujolais: A French wine region famous for its light and fruity red wine. Beaujolais would make a beautiful and exotic name for a little girl.

4. Jack, Johnny, Jim: Timeless and popular names that can be linked to many alcoholic references, including of course, the famous brands.

5. Sherry: An elegant and sweet name that mirrors the fortified wine's delightful character. Sherry would be a graceful choice for any little girl.

7. Rye: This is another name we've been seeing around lately. While not appearing in the SSA Top 1000 this possibility suits a few current trends in baby naming. It has an earthy, boho feel and one-syllable names are on right now.

8. Ginette: Inspired by the ever-trendy drink, Gin, Ginette sounds chic and charming, perfect for a little girl destined to stand out.

9. Jameson: A strong and masculine name, derived from the renowned Irish whiskey, Jameson is steadily gaining popularity in recent years.

10. Chardonnay: This elegant name is inspired by the beloved white wine, known for its crispness and versatility. Chardonnay would make a unique and beautiful choice for a girl. Perhaps another way to get Char, rather than popping Charlie!

11. Adams: For fans of craft beer, Sam Adams could be a strong and charismatic name, paying homage to the famous beer brand. Not Sam, Not Adam... Adams!

12. Glen: Derived from "Glenfiddich," a renowned Scotch whiskey, Glen is a strong and timeless name for a boy and could be considered gender neutral..

13. Asti: Named after the sparkling Italian wine, Asti would match a lot of hot name ideas of the moment.  

14. Kahlua: With a nod to the famous coffee liqueur, Kahlua is a sweet and exotic choice for a baby girl. And it's a perfect way to get the adorable nn LuLu

15. Foster: Lingering just inside the Top 1000 in 2020, Foster is quite unique but not too out there.

Just one more round~

Last Names First. This is a trend in naming that is all the rage and we find it so cool!

The goose is loose! Likely not named for the popular vodka, Grey landed inside the Top 1000 for the first time in 2013. Just two years after that ever popular book series debuted, we see this as a name that will continue through the ranks, and predict it hot on both on the boy's side and for little girls.

Mary, Maria, Margarita, Paloma
Latin inspired names for girls, with boozy connections. Mary is a forever name, use tequila instead and you've got Maria. We don't think Margarita is that useable, but Marguerite is gorgeous! Paloma is both a cocktail and girl's name on the rise for sure.

Remember, when considering a boozy baby name, it's essential to strike the right balance between uniqueness and suitability. While some of these names might be unconventional, they undoubtedly carry an air of spirited charisma. So, whether you're a fan of fine wines, craft beers, or classic spirits, let your love for libations inspire you in naming your little one. Cheers to finding the perfect name with a touch of alcohol-related charm!

Can you think of any boozy baby names that just might work?


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