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The Brand New Baby Name Tag

We don't YouTube in the traditional way, yet couldn't pass up the chance to share our thoughts on the NEW 2019 BABY NAME TAG!

 We decided to share our thoughts here. As you may know, we are a mother-daughter duo, who fell in love with naming in 2018. The videos on our youtube channel are just names, not opinions~ we don't discuss names there. We just love to produce name art @momandthepie on instagram, tweet interesting name musings and collect the best of name images on our Pinterest boards.
 We've found a shared hobby and have had a fabulous time learning everything we can about names, finding others in the naming community and growing some of our techie skills. We are no experts! Just NAMERS.

 Only on our blog will you find some of our opinions, our thoughts on naming trends and our favorites. Here are both MOM and THE PIE'S responses to the Brand New Name Tag~ Names I Love:

1. If you had a baby tomorrow, what would you call them? Boy & Girl?

Mom: Easy on the boy's side. We would name our baby boy Kevin, after his father's uncle, one of the nicest people we know. I would have a really hard time with a girl name. Lolette was my favorite girl name for years, with the idea of calling her "Lo." Early in our naming journey I discovered "Ette" as a nn and Lolette fits both. However, I've come across so many new and interesting names in the last year, I feel like I'd go back and forth quite a bit. I do know it would not end in -a, it would have an adorable nickname and her middle name would be Pamela after my incredible mother.

The Pie: MacKenzie and Jamie. I'd use MacKenzie for a daughter, naming her after my uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather. And I just love boy's "J" names!

2. What would you rename yourself using the same initial?

Mom: Easy. Allie. When I was in 4th grade I would circle the first three letters in my name, in hopes that if my teacher started calling me Ali, so would the kids. She asked me why I was doing it and proceeded to tell me it would be quite confusing to start going by Ali, because there was a boy in my class named Alister. I remember feeling super embarrassed! My name was different for the time, and until late elementary I was the only one. I longed to have a name like Ali, Stacy, Jenny, or Jessica. Later in life I met a gal whose "Allie" spelling was her given name, not being short for Alison, and I still just love it!

The Pie: Isabella

3. What would you have been/wish you had been called if you were the opposite gender?

Mom: I believe Id've been Austin.

The Pie: Jayson

4. Favorite Vintage Name for boy and girl?

Mom: Genevieve. It is making a comeback! From 509 in 200 to 184 in 2017 this vintage gem and the name of my maternal grandmother is a beauty. I love the nicknames Vivie and Genna for it too. Judd for a boy. Also a family name, this solid baby boy name is outside the top 1000, but feels timeless and strong.

The Pie: Joshua and Emma

5. Favorite Nature Name for boy and girl? 

Mom: Wren and Stone. We adore earthy baby names!

The Pie: Fiona and River

6. Favorite YouTuber's name and/or baby name?

Mom: Sarah- This Mom's Life has a sweet Isla and Lochlan

The Pie: IDK. Sorry, I don't really watch momtube, I'm 9.

7. Favorite Literary Name?

Mom: George. My first name crush came from the Nancy Drew Mystery Series

The Pie: Hermione

8. Favorite O Name that isn't Oliver or Olivia? 

Mom: Odette. Any name that offers an "Ette" nickname has my heart.

The Pie: Olive

9. What did you wish you were called when you were younger?

Mom: Ali. And Lisa. I once told a boy that was my name and had him calling my house asking for Lisa. I had to get my whole family to go along with it. It went on for weeks!

The Pie: Skyler

10. What name would you/did you immediately VETO? 

Mom: Sorry folks, I just don't understand Colt. And on the girly side, Blakely is way too much.

The Pie: Deborah

Copy the 10 prompts and share your names.
 We look forward to hearing all about your baby name style!


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