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The Next Kardashian Baby Name

It was early in our naming journey when Khloe's daughter True was born, but only a few days before, we'd posted our video One Syllable Baby Girl Names, and sure enough at 3:23 you can see short & sweet little True. No, we're taking NO credit for any kind of prediction, but it felt kind of cool to have at least had the name on our radar.

Nine months later and tons of time spent exploring naming, we are going to make some observations and soft predictions about the next Kardashian baby name.

Kanye Omari West & Kimberly Noel Kardashian West have three children:
North West
Saint West
Chicago West

With a fourth child on the way, who we know is a little boy, we thought we'd see if we have our finger on the pulse- a feel for what the name might be. We are thinking if we put this out there now, it will be fun to look back at and see how right (or terribly wrong) we were!

Jet West
How fresh does that sound? With that coast to coast "wheels up" lifestyle, the play on the last name works. This was the very first name that came to mind.

DISCLAIMER: We are not Kardashian super fans or anything. We can't name a Kanye song. We did our research using the googler, typing in Q's like, "who are Kim and Kanye's best friends?" and "Kardashian middle names" We just poked around a little bit... and used what we found to create a collection of possibilities. 

Amor West
A virtue name would be on trend with the Kardashian naming style, thinking of Rob's Dream or little True.  Amor would translate to "Love West."

Omari West
Using Kanye's middle is a possibility. Omari has African roots, meaning "God is the Highest." Khloe used a family name, her mother Kris Jenner's grandfather was True and dad, Robert True.

The name could be vintage.
Kim had admitted that before naming Chicago, she was going to use Grace, but we will have to wait for baby number five to see what they will name another girl.

Legend West
Again, on point with the word names and with a strong and powerful feeling, this could also be a tribute to friend, John Legend. (Although he was born John Roger Stephens)

The name likely won't have a middle.
Although, having three kiddos without- leave it to the Kimye troop to surprise us with like two. We could see a double-barrel name as a possibility too, this would be unique in the family, as none of this gen have two first names. It is interesting to note here that it is actually possible that Kim's kids actually DO have middle names! Kim posted "Chi Noel" on instagram once, hinting that Chicago and her actually share a middle name. Recently in a birthday tribute Kim called Saint, "Sainty Joon," which has us wondering.... could this sweet term of endearment actually be a middle name?

Jo West or
Honor Jo West
Another family tribute, Kim did once share on the Ellen Show that she wanted to honor her grandmother, Mary-Jo. She posts about "MJ" from time to time. We could definitely see Jo as is, or as the second name to any other given. Honor Jo would be a virtue name, literally honoring Kim's roots.

Noble West
Another royal sounding name for this family is a definite possibility. With both Reign and Saint already in the mix, this power name would fit right in.

Forever West
"Ever" names were huge when the 2017 stats came out. Names like Everly have dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years. This version for a boy would suit the group.

Golden West
Has that shine of the Kimye life. Golden for a boy's name is one we are seeing around a bit, and has the feel of some of the Kardashain word names like Dream and Stormi.

Ray West
Named for Kanye's father, BUT how sweet would this be on a little girl? Think, ray of light. Only a few Kardashian names have family history, and Kanye has already used his mother's in business. We think they should save this one for baby number five. (Kim has said that Kanye wants seven) It is also another girl name we featured in our One Syllable video of baby girl names! How cool would that be if we nailed it again?

UPDATE: 5/21/19
 It seems our prediction of a virtue name was solid!
We thought it would be a strong word name.
But we did not see this coming:

Psalm West 


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