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YOUR Favorite Names of 2019

Analytics. Perhaps, one of the coolest parts of getting into social media is that we get so much data. We have tools at our fingertips that can truly help us match our product to our audience. In our short time creating content for Mom and The Pie we've learned so much (yet still feel very novice) about how to dive into the analytics and really notice what it is our followers want to see. While this passion of ours was always intended to be a place to inspire, to share our own thoughts, and to be creative while spending time together... we thought it would be cool to share with you YOUR favorite names of 2019.

In this collection we will share with you the videos, pins, tweets and posts that YOU enjoyed the most last year.

We can't seem to agree on which social platform is our favorite. We started out with the intention of building a Youtube channel. After watching and laughing hysterically as gals shared, "names I love but..." we thought, we could DO this.  But we didn't want to be in our videos. Now that we've been at it for a while, we realize that might not be to our advantage. But we are okay with that.  We seem to have more fun creating simple tweets or name art to post on insta. The occasional blog idea comes to one of us, but even more entertaining is just scrolling though and seeing what everybody is up to.

This post is about YOU. Let's get started with YOUR favorite names of 2019.

Most of your favorite names from our Youtube channel were a part of our A-Z Collections for Boys and Girls. 

In 2019, you absolutely loved Baby Boy Names Starting With H. Hayden has the thumbnail for this video that got the most views last year.

You also love names for girls and boys that start with K. Kamilla and Kellen caught your eye.

Nadira and Ellis were names you picked from our other top videos of 2019.

The term you searched most was "unisex baby names" and some other Youtube fan favorites were names that end with -ie or -la, and nature names.

Without a doubt your favorite name on our Pinterest page was Wren

Other notables from our baby name boards in 2019 were Idalia, Shay and Westley. Our collection of short names was popular, with Eli stealing your heart.

Names with nicknames also got you clicking, with "Vivi" for Vivienne getting a lot of love. Colette and her shorties, also had you swooning this year.

Other top pins we created included Remington, Ruby, Nash and Wells.

We have to admit, it's tough to break into Twitter

We don't get a ton of (if any) interaction and our follower count has been stuck around 600 for as long as we can remember. When we started out we religiously posted a baby name of the day, but after not getting a lot of feedback we switched to more of a casual "musings" style for our tweets.  We post thoughts, names we see IRL, and try to interact with other namers in an entertaining way. It's tough to determine from this social media source what you really loved, but here is what the analytics for each month in 2019 tell us you enjoyed.
January: No great tweets!
February: Zarek and Louisiana
March: Rook and Ivory
April: Mayer
May: Emric
June: Mildred
July: Bishop
August: Chase
September: Liberty
October: Ford and Kierce
November: Coralie
December: Quilla and Ryland

Finally, we share what names were hot on our Instagram page. 

We'll never forget when we opened up the app one day back in 2018 and Golden had 100 likes! It was a super exciting time, but we've come to realize that something fishy may have happened.  It is more usual for our posts to get between 15-40 likes. And as for 2019, here are your favorites.

Colette and her nicknames, the same as that pin you loved was our most liked insta, followed by Roux, Harley, Lachlan and Elowen.

Lennox was another fan favorite and Maclaine got a bunch of love. You also adored Leoni, Walker and Rhodes.

Let us know which of these  2019 fan favorites YOU love!


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