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Names YOU Love - Fan Favorites of 2021

 We thought it would be cool to share with you YOUR favorite names of 2021. We did a similar post in 2019 and it is rewarding to reflect on the changing trends and look at the new data and analytics.

In this collection we will share with you the videos, pins, tweets and posts that YOU'VE enjoyed the most this year. We can't seem to agree on which social platform is our favorite. We started out with the intention of building a Youtube channel. After watching and laughing hysterically as gals shared, "names I love but..." we thought, we could DO this.  But we didn't want to be in our videos. Now that we've been at it for a while, we realize that was likely a big mistake, and maybe someday we face reveal and start talking names....maybe. But we are okay with the fun we are having now as totally self-proclaimed "Baby Name Specialists."  We love creating simple tweets and name art to post on instagram. The occasional blog idea comes to one of us, but even more entertaining is just scrolling though and seeing what everybody else is up to. We literally find new names every single day!

This post is about YOU. Let's get started with YOUR favorite names of 2021.

Your favorite names from our Youtube channel have blasted 30 Unique Names for Boys to 46K views! (that's big time for us:)

In 2021, you absolutely loved UNIQUE NAMES with both the boy's and girl's version the top two videos on our channel. Not surprisingly, the terms you searched for that brought you to our channel most were "unique names for boys" and "unique names for girls." 

Nadira, the cover name for girl's "N" names was a fan fave, and you also love names for girls and boys that start with K. Kamilla and Kellen most definitely caught your eye. The other videos you checked out from our A-Z collections featured Benji, Miles, Hayden and Lenora.

Without a doubt your favorite name on our Pinterest page was still Wren

Other notables from our baby name boards in 2021 were KailorEverick and Marlowe

"R" Names for girls also got you clicking, with Rumi coming in hot. 

From "Names for the Sun" Elidi got a lot of love. 

We have to admit, it's tough to break into Twitter

We don't get a ton of (if any) interaction and our follower count has been stuck around 645 for as long as we can remember. When we started out we religiously posted a baby name of the day, but after not getting a lot of feedback we switched to more of a casual "musings" style for our tweets.  We post thoughts, names we see IRL, and try to interact with other namers in an entertaining way. It's tough to determine from this social media source what you really loved, but here is what the analytics for each month in 2021 tell us you enjoyed.
January: Mona
February: Sterling Skye 
March: Dempsey
April: Sullivan and Simeon
May: Zyair
June: Bear
July: Dixon

Finally, we share what names were hot on our Instagram page. 

Because we've really slacked on posting to the gram lately, it is typical for our posts to only get between 15-30 likes. And as for 2021 so far, here are your favorites.

Carver was a hit, with Mom sharing her *secret* love for Days of our Lives. The other names that you loved here were Mona and Zyair.

Let us know which of these 2021 fan favorites YOU love!


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