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Choosing a Truly Unique Baby Name

 One morning after just tuning in to the Today show we heard that the next segment was going to be "Up and Coming Baby Names of the Year." Having recently named The Pie, I was interested. I'd only heard Isla on the sweet actress Isla Fisher and was sure that we'd nailed it. Something delicate, unique enough, and at that time we weren't hearing it around at all.

 Looking into it now, the name Isla was not even in the Top 1000 names until 2008 and sure enough, as the morning show segment informed us, it rose rapidly in popularity jumping from 623 to 345 in just a year. To our delight, Isla has yet to crack the top 100 in the U.S. but we are seeing and hearing it more often.
 As self-declared "namers" we've scrolled the endless lists, organized names into categories, and revel in the noticing of a name never heard before. Here are our top tips for choosing a truly unique baby name.

Don't pick a name for your little girl that ends in "a"

 This one is taken right from the stats. Here are the 2017 Top 10 names for girls:
The numbers don't lie. 7 of the top 10 girl names end in "a." You will be more likely to have a unique name if it doesn't end this way.  Beyond the top ten, there are 11 more of the top 50 names for girls with "a" as the end. Avoid it.

For boys, go with an "S" name

 Baby boy names that start with "S" are less common than most other starting letters. It really is quite incredible, of the Top 300 names for boys from 2017, only nine of them start with "S." To keep it even unique, avoid these that made the list:

Don't give your baby boy a "D" name

 Baby Boy Names- Starting with "D" is the most popular video in our A-Z series. Namers are definitely looking for the "D." While the SSA popular name info is not jam packed with "D" names for boys, we think this starter is on the rise.

Pinterest~ Duh... But don't search "baby names"

 Instead of baby names, search character names! Many authors and film makers have collections of names for potential characters. Most of the names we've featured in 30 Unique Names for Boys and Unique Girl Names come from Pinterest discoveries.

 Perhaps the most stunning baby name images on Pinterest come from Rochelle Hack. Another fantastic source for cutting edge, invented and clever names are the pins from 

We hope these simple tips can lead you to choose a truly unique baby name. 
Let us know~ how did you pick your baby's name? 


  1. These are some good ideas! I didn't think about not picking girls names that end in -a, but that's a really good point. Only one name in my top 10 for girls ends in an -a though so I'm probably good for the most part :3


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